NW Bicycle Safety Council (NWBSC) was founded to educate and promote safety and harmony between cyclists and others who share the road. To read more about our history click here.

We are an all-volunteer charity with advisory and executive boards and partners who work to help educate youth and adults in our local community about general topics on cycling, with emphasis on bicycle safety.

Through our Youth Bicycle Education and Safety Programs throughout the year, we involve local community youth, and their parents or guardians, whether bicycling for recreation or transportation. The programs target children age 12 and under. We stay local and community-based by focusing on reaching these youth in their neighborhoods, at schools, and local events.

NWBSC hosts a public access variety television program that features local and regional bicycle, safety, and fitness experts. We provide the materials necessary for youth and their families on Oregon motor vehicle and bicycle laws and rules.

To ensure that we continue to offer low- and no-cost programs to our community, we need your support. Your donations will help us continue with these vital programs.

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