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  • To minimize the number of injuries and deaths by educating cyclists about safe gear, safe riding, and overall road safety.
  • To promote a better shared experience for all users through awareness of traffic laws and rules of the road.
  • To strengthen community and family ties through cycling-related programs and events.
To educate and promote safety and harmony between cyclists and others who share the road, as well as strengthen community and family ties through cycling-related programs and events.
  • Ongoing bicycle safety programs for adults and children
  • Television programs on bicycle safety education
  • Annual bicycle skills rodeo for children
  • Bicycle riding program for senior citizens


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You may have heard the news – PWTC club member Bruce Buffington is relinquishing some of his duties on various boards and organizations as a matter of choice.

Yes, he’s choosing to pursue personal ambitions such as more golf and more cycling rather than be precluded from those activities because he is too busy volunteering. Does that scenario sound all too familiar to some of you?

Since Bruce is stepping back several steps from NW Bicycle Safety Council I want to assure you, as President of NWBSC, that we remain a viable and healthy organization and we want to continue partnering with PWTC to promote bicycle safety in our community.

We have been transitioning through 2017 and will continue to do so in the coming year. Certainly, some of the transitioning is due to Bruce being less involved and others assuming more involvement. Some of the transitioning is because life is not static and we, as an organization, are seeking ways to continue to meet the needs of our community as we find our means to do so in flux. For example, we have found that our once in demand Bike Safety Fairs held at various schools are a) no longer offered by schools and b) not as well attended when they are.

We have pondered how to continue our mission. Our volunteers want to continue and want to place helmets on heads. We don’t want anyone helmetless due to finances.

We will continue with some of our previous venues: Bike Beaverton and Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation. We are seeking a deeper relationship with other partners to enable us to reach our target market. We have discontinued Beaverton Banks and Beyond Bicycle Tour in large part due to the great effort necessary for limited returns.

I want to thank the WheelPeople for your support in our past endeavors. It truly has been a partnership as PWTC has entrusted us with their hard-earned money and donated it to us with confidence that we would fulfill the obligation of faithfully purchasing and fitting helmets. We have done so and will continue to do so.

I hope, as individuals and as a club you will maintain our close relationship as two separate entities on a similar quest for bicycle safety. Our partnership benefits many – we have placed almost 16,000 helmets on local noggins since our inception. In large part that is due to the assistance rendered in so many ways from the Wheelmen. Please join us as a volunteer or donate funds as an individual to help us continue.

Thank you for your continuing support as we strive for safe cycling.

Respectfully yours,

Ann Morrow
President, NW Bicycle Safety Council

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